About Us

Sun-Fly focuses on dye-sublimation applied technology. We supply wide range sublimation blank products made of various materials, these products cover every corner of people’s day to day life. The company also develops and provides specific dye-sub solutions and press equipments for the blank products in different categories, which allows the best application of dye-sub technologies - a perfect combination of personalization and photo quality full color printing. The availability of wide range blank products along with the printing technical advancement make our day to day life become even more colorful and full of individualized character. Sun-Fly, embellishing life.

Phone Cases
Latest iPhone X 3D Sublimation Case

Pet Supplies
Creating emotional connection between human & pets, explore SUN-FLY's full range sublimation products of pet supplies

Polymer Mugs
Coating free sublimation polymer mugs, virtually unbreakable, ceramic-like high gloss finish, light weight reduces shipping costs

Vacuumsub® System
Vacuumsub(R) system gives you the possibilities to apply any kind of colorful images on to multi or curved surface of a sublimation printing substrate.

Double Wall Tumblers
Best seller in North America, multiple shapes & colors of lids for you to choose from

Linen Products
Adding natrual, warm and cozy feeling to home or office environment. Including apron, placemat, tissue bag, coaster and table runner