Polymer Star Ornament,6.5cm


Dye-Sub Ready


The star shape Polymer Ornament has no sublimation coating attached to its surface; however, its special formula is able to absorb the sublimated dye molecules which make it sublimatable. You are able to create any of your own images, logos or slogans on its (front) surface by using regular sublimation printing methods.



Scratch Resistance


Printed star shape ornament has far better scratch resistance than ordinary ceramic ornaments; this is because dye molecules are absorbed into the actual polymers, not just applied onto its surface. This great feature increases the ability of the ornament to be used in public environments.





The polymer material is not fragile like ceramic or glass and is virtually unbreakable, which makes them far more suitable for home decorating or for children where breakage is a major safety issue.



Glossy Surface


Glossy finish of the ornament surface will remain the same after sublimation printing, keeping the printed images more attractive than ever.



Double Side Printable


Two faces of the ornament can be printed with personalized images.



Luminous features


Features with luminous function in the darkness, light up the design!




Environmental Friendly


Sun-Fly carefully chose a polymer compound for production and obeys all regulations set by the FDA and EU. Tesst were carried out by SGS Group.

Product Information
Model NumberSFP-PD06
NamePolymer Star Ornament,6.5cm
Min. Package50PCS
Packing QTY550PCS/CTN
Packing Size26X38X13 CM
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