Polymer Small Tree Ornament,5.9*6.2cm

  • #SFP-PD05

The tree shape polymer ornament has a bright white glossy surface finish - which can be directly dye-sublimated while keeping its glossy finish, as well as its unbreakable features, it is far more durable than either ceramic or glass.

The polymer ornament does not have a sublimation coating; it can be printed directly with sublimation inks, which results in the image lasting much longer than they would on ordinary sublimation ornaments.

2 sides of this ornament can be printed, it can be used for Christmas tree decorating or home decorating. 

The polymer compounds used comply with FDA and RoHS regulations; the product itself is also environmentally friendly.


  • Christmas decorating. 
  • Promotional gift. 
  • Decorating element.

Product Information

Model NumberSFP-PD05
NamePolymer Small Tree Ornament,5.9*6.2cm
Min. Package50PCS
Packing QTY900PCS/CTN
Packing Size26X38X13 CM


Printing parameters

Heat Transfer MachineFlat Clamshell Press 38cm*38cm
Printing Time100 Seconds
Initial TemperatureN/A
Printing Temperature195 °C
Printing Temperature(Top)N/A
Printing Temperature(Bottom)N/A
Printing ToolN/A

Please note that the printing parameters are for reference only, you may have to adjust detail values due to the actual imprint quality is subject to various conditions including humidity, altitude, temperature.

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