[SUN-FLY] Statement


Dear Customer,

It has came to our attention that Terry Lau (Passport Name: ZIXU LIU), a former sales person of Sun-Fly, is trying to sell sublimation products to some customers with the name of "Regional Manager at SUN-FLY".

We would like to inform you that Mr. Terry Lau has resigned from SUN-FLY since 2016, SUN-FLY does not endorse any of Mr. Terry Lau's business activities right after his resignation, and never had we authorized him to make use of the name of Sun-Fly.

Sun-Fly warmly reminds you the potential high risks of trading with a person who is still trying to steal and make use of the name of his former employer 2 years later after his resignation. As far as we know none of his supply sources are of the same as Sun-Fly, and he is also using different way to grade his products which has nothing to be comparable to Sun-Fly's product lines.

SUN-FLY remains all legal rights to sue against Mr. Terry Lau for the fact of stealing company assets and classified information.

As a well and long established company specializes in sublimation blanks, equipment and imprinting solutions, SUN-FLY will continually serve you as our valuable customer. We are very sorry to bother you with this information and thanks for your understanding and continuous support.

Daniel Wang
Vice President