Company Introduction

SUN-FLY is a leading manufacturer contributing all efforts to sublimation printing technologies and products since 2004. With 13 years behind us, our history, like our future, is characterized by a constant drive for quality and a passion for satisfying our customer's needs from latest 3D sublimation printing technologies to traditional sublimation products and solutions, especially the polymer sublimation products and solutions, offering a completely new direction in sublimation industry.

Core Value

We are high quality product manufacturer of first choice in the global market. All of our decisions are taken with the customers in focus, working in partnership, we aim to add values for our customers. We think differently and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to everything we do. Innovation is a key driver for our growth.


SUN-FLY specialized in sublimation application technique, and providing industrial application products and solutions through expanding sublimation application range and deeply developing application products based on this technique.

Why Choose SUN-FLY?

SUN-FLY is now building a worldwide network of distribution. We continually welcome any well-established sublimation related dealers to contact us and share your business ideas, and to build up possible business partnerships. Working with the customers in need by using our own developing ability of sublimation technique, not only service in present ,but also have the future in mind.